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In collaboration with RACE.ED, Retrospect Journal has published a special issue on the theme of “Race in Retrospective” in June 2021.

Collective and Creative Pedagogies

Collective and Creative Pedagogies

In this new curation of living images drawn by the artist Paola Rozo, and marking a collaboration with members of the RACE.ED network, we share narrated visual accounts centering on collective and creative pedagogies, as a set of both existing practices and possibilities.

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RACE.ED’s new podcast: Undersong

RACE.ED’s new podcast Undersong – Race and Conversations Other-wise. In listening to the uncomfortable legacies of empire and coloniality that shape the present, this podcast serves as a local and global platform to exchange critical thought around race and the making of worlds otherwise.

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RACE.ED Newsletter – December 2020

It is now six months since we first launched RACE.ED as a collective endeavour, and during this short time the network has striven to bring visibility to topics of race, racialization and decolonial studies at The University of Edinburgh.