Fear Hate Not Islam

Securing whiteness?

The narratives presented in British public debates around terrorism have been long rooted in notions of increased presence of Islam in the public square as intuitively resulting in greater risk to the public.


Race, intersectionality and Covid-19

The disproportionate impacts of Covid-19 on Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people in the UK (both within and outwith the medical professions) have sparked critical commentary, an evidence submission, and an official inquiry (headed by a ‘controversial’ figure largely discredited in antiracist, trade union and equality third sector circles).

White Shields

White shields

At a protest in Louisville, Kentucky, last month – the city where Breonna Taylor was murdered by police on 13 March – Chanelle Helm, a leading organiser in the local Black Lives Matter group, turned to the white protesters with a loudhailer. ‘If you are going to be here,’ she said, ‘you should defend this space.’

Justice Now march

Welcome to RACE.ED

It is with a great sense of purpose that we announce the inauguration of RACE-ED – a cross university hub for research and teaching on race, ethnicity and decolonial thought.