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Disrupting hegemonic whiteness in the higher education classroom

There is currently revived interest across disciplines and educational institutions to ‘decolonise the curriculum’ (Arshad, 2020). There are many layers to this, from diversifying reading lists to unpacking racist underpinnings of key concepts, from deconstructing representations of history to hiring more Black and Minority Ethnic staff.

RACE.ED Newsletter

RACE.ED Newsletter – December 2021

We are pleased to share this RACE.ED round-up newsletter with you. In another challenging year of distances, interpersonally from our friends and families, societally from the racial justice we seek, RACE.ED has continued to forge a network of community, of care and of intellectual vitality.

Say Their Names

‘Black death’ in repeat mode

Following George Floyd’s horrific death and the scenes of his sensational courtroom trial which played out to public scrutiny across the world, my recently published Identities article, ‘The dying Black body in repeat mode: the Black ‘horrific’ on a loop’, addresses the notion of the recurrence of ‘Black death’ in repeat mode offline and its viral circulation online in the digital economy.