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Climate Change and Social Justice – Reflections on COP26 from the Geographies of Social Justice Research Group

Geographies of Social Justice Research Group members are currently undertaking research in various locations; including Cuba, Edinburgh, Guatemala, and Nepal. Whilst diverse in approach and focus, their work holds in common a commitment to questions of inequality, power and justice.

Issues of inequality and power permeate matters of climate change at all levels. From how it is being caused to how it should be addressed and who it affects the most. Consequently, events such as COP26 must engage with, and be inspired by, a fundamentally social justice driven agenda.

Climate change discussions are, at their heart, a question of our place in the world who are we, how did we arrive at this point, and what is the way forward?

Never has such an existential threat to human civilisation reared its head and demanded collective action on such a scale to be addressed. However, it is crucial that in seeking to address this crisis, we do not produce new problems or reproduce those which have stalked our civilisation for centuries.

Therefore, if our attempts to deal with climate change are to be socially just, we must forge responses that simultaneously address the rampant marginalisation and inequality that have characterised our global society for far too long.

Booklet – Reflections on COP26

The group has created a booklet where members share their thoughts, critiques and reflections on COP26.  In addition, how their research connects to critical issues related to climate change.

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