Karim Mitha

Karim Mitha is Speciality Registrar in Public Health, with a specific interest in health inequalities and social determinants of health pertaining to migrant communities.

He contributes to teaching at the medical school and Masters of Public Health programmes, specialising in stigma, disability, mental health, and ethnicity and health.

Meadhbh Murray

Dr Órla Meadhbh Murray

Órla Meadhbh Murray is a Research Fellow in Sociology at the University of Edinburgh, with a focus on impact case study development for REF 2021. Her PhD research used the work of feminist sociologist Dorothy Smith to explore UK university audit processes and consider what it means to do text-focused feminist research.

Her published work and teaching have largely focused on institutional ethnography, feminist epistemologies and methodologies, intersectionality and Black feminisms, feminist and queer theory and activism, and academia.

Pontus Odmalm

Dr Pontus Odmalm

Senior Lecturer in Politics (PIR). Research interests include parties and elections, citizenship and the politics of immigration in comparative European perspective.

Dr. Tolulope Onabolu

Dr. Tolulope Onabolu

Tolulope Onabolu is a Teaching Fellow in Architecture. He explores the use of architectural visualization in the speculation of urban scenarios and in the reconceptualization of lost architectural heritage.

He is interested in the role of architecture in the conditioning of human subjectivity, the sanctioning of the architect by sovereign prerogative, and the dangers of aesthetic agenda as political device.

Dr Richard Oosterhoff

Dr Richard Oosterhoff

Richard Oosterhoff is a lecturer of early modern history, with a focus on intellectual and scientific cultures, based in the Department of History.

His work on race comes out of teaching on early modern European efforts between 1400 and 1800 to racialise accounts of human nature using new scientific and geographical frameworks.

Diana Paton

Prof Diana Paton

Diana is a historian of the Caribbean and of Atlantic slavery and emancipation.

Her research focuses on the development of colonial states, gender hierarchies, and on Caribbean religions in the context of racism and colonialism.

Nicola Perugini

Dr Nicola Perugini

Nicola Perugini is Senior Lecturer in international relations. He is the co-author of The Human Right to Dominate (Oxford University Press 2015).

His forthcoming book Human Shields: A History of People in the Line of Fire will be out with University of California Press in 2020.

Kaveri Qureshi

Dr Kaveri Qureshi

Kaveri has an interdisciplinary background in sociology, anthropology and public health. She works on health and social inequalities in the UK and Pakistan, with a focus on migration, ‘race’/ethnicity, gender, and the management of health and illness in families.

She also has a growing interest in areas where the medical and the legal coincide. Her work is threaded by a concern with intersectional inequalities and the social determinants of health and gender violence.

Shadaab Rahemtulla

Dr Shadaab Rahemtulla

Shadaab Rahemtulla is Lecturer in Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations at the School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh.

A Muslim liberation theologian, Shadaab’s primary interest lies in the relationship between religion, power, and resistance, exploring how religious texts can be (re)interpreted to challenge structures of social domination, including poverty, racism, patriarchy, and empire.

Dr Ibtihal Ramadan

Dr Ibtihal Ramadan

Ibtihal is a CARA postdoc fellow. Her current research is examining the expereinces of Muslim academics, working in AHSS disciplines,  at UK universities regarding  producing knowledge that attemmpts to critically challenge the discourse  that  continue to problematise the Muslim presence in the West and beyond, which is impacted by the old orientalist tropes and tained by a ‘War on Terror’ political rhetoric. 

This reseearch chimes with Decolonising the Curriculum movement, through providing the Muslims’ perspectives in relation to the curricula. her PhD research axamined the daily experiences of Muslim academics at UK universities; the findings showed that day-to-day racism and Islamophobic microagressions have been part of their experiences. She is currently a member of the steering group of Ad-HE project on Tackling racism on Campus.

Liliana Riga

Dr Liliana Riga

Liliana Riga is a political and comparative historical sociologist, whose research seeks to understand the political subjectivities in experiences of racism and ethnic/cultural or political exclusion in connection with modern nation-building.

Kanchana N. Ruwanpura

Dr Kanchana N. Ruwanpura

Kanchana N. Ruwanpura is a Honorary Fellow at the Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Edinburgh and Professor of Human Geography, University of Göteborg, SWEDEN.  Until recently, she was a Reader in Development Geography at the Institute of Geography, University of Edinburgh; and for 2019-20 held spent time in continental Europe holding fellowships.  Initially she spent time as a Humboldt Fellow at the University of Göttingen, Germany, followed by a period as France-ILO Chair Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Nantes, France.

During Kanchana’s tenure at the University of Edinburgh, she served as Director for Center of South Asian Studies (2014-18), Programme Director (2016-19) and Co-Director (2013-16) of the MSc in Environment and Development at the Institute of Geography.  Kanchana’s research explores the intersection between feminism, ethnicity, labour and post-war development; on which she has published extensively in numerous peer reviewed journals, collected editions and authored a monograph published by Michigan University Press.  She has a book  forthcoming with Cambridge University Press and also serves as an editor of Geoforum and Gender, Place and Culture.

Dr Ulrich Schmiedel

Dr Ulrich Schmiedel

Ulrich is Lecturer in Theology, Politics and Ethics. As Deputy Director of Edinburgh’s Centre for Theology and Public Issues, he has written widely on political and public theology.

Ulrich is the author of Elasticized Ecclesiology: The Concept of Community after Ernst Troeltsch (2017) and the co-author of The Claim to Christianity: Responding to the Far Right (2020). Most of his recent research has been concerned with the significance of religion for constructions of identity in migrant and post-migrant societies, particularly in Europe.