RACE.ED podcast - Undersong

RACE.ED’s new podcast Undersong – Race and Conversations Other-wise. Hosted by Katucha Bento, Nasar Meer, and Shaira Vadasaria, with guests from across and beyond the RACE.ED network. In listening to the uncomfortable legacies of empire and coloniality that shape the present, this podcast serves as a local and global platform to exchange critical thought around race and the making of worlds otherwise.

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Episode 6 - Archival Encounters: A Critical Dialogue with UncoverED's Tanatsei Gambura, Hannah McGurk, Natasha Ruwona, and Lea Gagliardi Ventre

In this episode, Dr. Shaira Vadasaria hosts a conversation with UncoverED, a collaborative student-led and decolonising archival project at the University of Edinburgh. They speak on their history and collective work of placing the University, as an institution and a body of students and staff, within its imperial and colonial legacy, using the University’s own archives. Reflecting on race, positionality and the politics of archival interpretation, they discuss what is at stake for them in opening up the university’s imperial past and racial present?

Episode 5 - A Seat at the Table? Interrogating EDI work with Dr. rashné limki and Dr. Salima Bhimani

In this episode of Undersong – Race and Conversations Other-wise, Dr. Shaira Vadasaria speaks to Dr. rashné limki and Dr. Salima Bhimani about the politics of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion work. What work goes into defining and implementing ‘equality’ on an institutional level? Who is doing the work and what kinds of effects does it have?

Episode 4 - On Antisemitism and Islamophobia - Processes & Histories of Racialisation

In this episode, Nasar Meer speaks to Anya Topolski and Ben Gidley about their efforts to think through antisemitism and islamophobia together. Their work engages with the history of racialisation in Europe, that has shaped current framings of ‘the Jew’ and ‘the Muslim’, and in turn, contemporary forms of antisemitism and islamophobia. All references, authors, and thinkers mentioned in this episode can be found in the podcast notes.

Episode 3 - Dominant Speech: the Category of 'Race' in Sociolinguistics

What does speech, intonation, and accent invoke? How are “culture” and “race” understood and analysed through speech in the world and the field of Sociolinguistics?

In this episode, Shaira Vadasaria speaks to Dr. Lauren Hall-Lew, a sociophonetician at the University of Edinburgh, about her ongoing work on phonetic variation and the differences in speech amongst speakers of different social backgrounds.

Episode 2 - Art, Race, and Black-Scottish History

In the second episode of ‘Undersong – Race and Conversations Other-wise’, Nasar Meer speaks to creative producer Wezi Mhura and arts curator and educator Lisa Williams.

Together, they talk about Lisa and Wezi’s different artistic and historic interventions into the cityscape of Edinburgh, as well as the history and presence of Black-Scottish life.

Episode 1 - Intersectionality across & between the Global South and North

This inaugural episode was created in collaboration with genderED, a cross-University hub for gender and sexualities studies at the University of Edinburgh.

In the first episode of ‘Undersong’, our host Shaira Vadasaria introduces the podcast and speaks to Katucha Bento, Tommy Curry, and Radhika Govinda about the role of intersectionality in their work. Reflecting on what intersectionality’s purchase is within and beyond its point of origin, leads the discussants to critically (re)assess the concept’s legacy and traction.

An Introduction to 'Undersong: Race and Conversations Other-wise'

The introductory episode of ‘Undersong: Race and Conversations Other-wise’ features Shaira Vadasaria (University of Edinburgh) and Katucha Bento (University of Edinburgh), who introduce the podcast and talk about the origin and legacy of the title ‘Undersong’.