RACE.ED Newsletter – December 2022
RACE.ED Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As we head into the holiday season, we are delighted to share our end of year RACE.ED Newsletter.

Looking back on the work of the network over the past year, we are grateful to everyone for their support and contributions. This year, we have stretched our threads to different networks in the university, out to the surrounding community and transnational lengths. Together, we weaved new opportunities to build dialogues and exchange ideas. We are particularly thankful for the opportunities to meet again in person, forging the spirit of community, care and intellectual vitality that makes RACE.ED the important space that it is.

This year, our brilliant speakers have given us food for thought to reflect on the “Cruel Optimism of Racial Justice”, Black presence “Oot Here”, Palestinian responses to Balfour and British Mandate in Palestine, and so much more. As we highlight our work from the past months, we also extend a warm invitation to join us once more in 2023.

Until then we wish you all a very peaceful break,

The RACE.ED Team

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