RACE.ED Speaks: Conversations on Race and Racialization
RACE.ED Speaks

As part of the first anniversary of RACE.ED, we are delighted to present our collection, ‘RACE.ED Speaks: Conversations on Race and Racialization’.

Drawing together our 2020 Edinburgh Race Lectures, our 2021 Invited Speaker Series, and a variety of panel and conference events, RACE.ED Speaks represents a unique curation of our event recordings alongside our monthly podcast, Undersong: Race and Conversations Other-wise.

We look forward to sharing our programme of future events and conversations around intersectionality. Please continue to check our website to stay updated!

Visit the RACE.ED Media Hopper channel for the full collection of our recorded events.

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Read RACE.ED Speaks: Conversations on Race and Racialization, as part of RACE.ED’s First Anniversary