RACE.ED Writes: Reflections on Race and Racialization
RACE.ED Writes

This June marks RACE.ED‘s one year anniversary, and with that, we would like to mark the occasion by spotlighting RACE.ED’s blog collections over the past twelve months.

Our blog platform has grown and evolved since our very first blog post announcing the inauguration of RACE.ED in June last year, with some fantastic pieces from colleagues based across the globe engaged with our focus of research, teaching and knowledge exchange around race, ethnicity and decolonial thought.

This mailing also inaugurates the naming of the RACE.ED blog, which has developed over the past twelve months to merit its own, and distinct, place within the RACE.ED collection.

Curated below is a compilation of some of our blog collections, including pieces on anti-racism, Covid and race, decoloniality, Black Lives Matter and more. We hope you find these collections engaging and thought provoking, and as ever, should you wish to contribute to RACE.ED Writes, do let us know!

Read RACE.ED Writes: Reflections on Race and Racialization, RACE.ED’s First Anniversary Mailing