black lives matter

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Interracial couples and the phenomenology of race

In majority white countries, the Black Lives Matter protests that unfolded after the murder of George Floyd were accompanied by the intensification of public debates on systemic racism and white allyship. Some media focused on Black-white couples, discussing the impact of these events on white partners’ understanding of anti-black racism in their Black partners’ lives.

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From Hurricane Katrina to George Floyd

The murder of George Floyd in the spring of 2020 sparked an outcry against police brutality and racial injustice in the United States. In the wake of the killing, support for the Black Lives Matter movement rose sharply among white Americans.

White Supremacy’s Monuments: On the Removal of Robert E. Lee

On 8th September 2021, a crowd gathered on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia, USA, near the base of its iconic statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The atmosphere in the crowd was jubilant as workers positioned a crane, wrapped the statue in a harness, and finally–after an hour of preparation, a year of court cases, and 131 years of racial terror set in stone–pulled the statue down from its plinth. 

Looking as white

In this critical moment of race relations in America, a sustainable black-white allyship in favour of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is already slipping away, as tracked by national polling data.


Bearing witness to the history of black lives in Britain

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic that has disproportionately affected black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities, people across the globe have taken to the streets in protest. They have gathered in solidarity to express anger about George Floyd’s death and the persistence of police violence.

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Black Lives Matter for mainly white classrooms

The killing of George Floyd sent a shockwave of energy throughout the United States, spurring an overdue uprising that rallied to the cause of racial justice. While many took to the streets to protest despite the looming pandemic, my colleagues and I took action in the way we best knew – through education.