Mother Frances Butler

Uncovering philanthropy in the Caribbean

After living in Miami, Florida, for several years, Mother Frances Butler returned to her home in Nassau, Bahamas and founded the Mother’s Club, which provided social welfare support to the Bahamian Black community.

Afro-Brazil Cultural Center

Atlantic diasporas in an Afro-Brazilian migrant connection

On the 7th of May 2022, the Afro-Brazil Cultural Centre organised an event called: “Atlantic Diaspora: abolition, diversity and inclusion” at Casa do Brasil, in London. The debate was developed in a pedagogical process, ignited by the proximity of the 13th of May, the date of signature of the Aurea Law, the Brazilian slavery “abolition” act.

Collective and Creative Pedagogies

Collective and Creative Pedagogies

In this new curation of living images drawn by the artist Paola Rozo, and marking a collaboration with members of the RACE.ED network, we share narrated visual accounts centering on collective and creative pedagogies, as a set of both existing practices and possibilities.

Blue sky

Decolonising development: looking back, looking forward

This cross-posted DSA Development Study Group launch event discussed the retrospects and prospects of decolonising development studies. It was interested in imagining what a decolonial agenda in Development Studies could look like and what interventions are needed in practice.

Justice Now march

Welcome to RACE.ED

It is with a great sense of purpose that we announce the inauguration of RACE-ED – a cross university hub for research and teaching on race, ethnicity and decolonial thought.