Football players

Racism in football

On BBC Sport, Match of the Day pundits Ian Wright and Alan Shearer recently had a conversation about racism in football. Shearer, the white ex-England international striker asked his black ex-teammate Wright: “Do you believe a black guy gets treated differently to a white guy?”


The stigma of being ‘Black’ in Britain

The recent Black Lives Matters (BLM) protests offer a juncture for Britain to have a broad and sensible conversation on race and racism, similar to that headed by the Clinton administration in America 20 years ago. The recent re-appearance of the debate on terminology – the question of how to refer to racialised groups in Britain – may be the beginning of this.

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Gauging antisemitism in Labour

What is the extent of antisemitism in the Labour Party? For some of Jeremy Corbyn’s fiercest critics, antisemitism became ‘firmly embedded in the party’s DNA’ under his watch. Yet according to the former leader, the extent of the problem has been ‘exaggerated’.


It is never too early to talk anti-racism with young people

Young children are ‘too young’ to understand race, racism and discrimination; you don’t want to ‘put ideas in their heads’; young children ‘do not notice differences, it is not an issue, it is more adult ideas and certainly you can’t say they are racist at such a young age’.