Woman in lab

Extinguishing migrant Muslim communities

Gender, as expressed on namely the bodies of Muslim women, is positioned at the centre of the radical right’s linkage between migration and religion. This link is visible in the persistent debates on the ban of Muslim body-covering, which in Austria has been promoted by the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) since the turn of the century.

Slam Insubmisso book cover

Poetic insubmission of the orality of Black women word-crafters in slams

The poem of the slammer Rool Cerqueira is an example of spoken textuality which is born from literary activities erupting in Brazil, especially in the favelas and periferias (marginalized and often criminalized urban areas), with the construction of other narratives and poetic forms that are the unfolding of the effervescent creativity and reading of the society by people who at times are not represented in literature.

Solidarity in strange places?

You might reasonably wonder what Muay Thai or Kickboxing has got to do with race or division? Or what the niche sports of Muay Thai and Kickboxing are in the first place.