Advancing Racial Equality in Higher Education

Advancing Racial Equality in Higher Education: launch of edited collection

RACE.ED and Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power have published a new collection of essays exploring racial justice work in higher education, titled Advancing Racial Equality in Higher Education. The collection follows on from the event “Racial Equity Work in the University and Beyond: The Race Equality Charter in Context”, which explored what racial equality means in higher education and was organized following publication of the report of a large-scale review of the Race Equality Charter.

Nasar Meer

Concepts in practice and doing things in other ways

It’s been an immense privilege to be part of the founding team of RACE.ED, first as Director and then as a network member this past year under the stewardship of its present co-Directors Dr Katucha Bento and Dr Shaira Vadasaria and administrator Michaelagh Broadbent. 


Dismantling master narratives in the history classroom

Although I began my doctoral studies in 2014, the seed was planted for the idea five years earlier, in 2009. It came in the form of a statement by then Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper at a news conference of the 2009 G20 summit, where without batting an eye he declared, “We also have no history of colonialism…”