Brick wall painting of faces


We are excited to be developing and convening a new cross university courses on Race and Decolonial Studies to commence in 2021. This will be an interdisciplinary course provides an overview of the major issues at stake in the study of race, racialization and decoloniality from a broadly conceived social science and humanities tradition. In advance of this there is presently dedicated focus on race in existing modules, including:

  • English Literature: Literatures of Slavery
  • English Literature: Contemporary African Diasporic Artists
  • English Literature: Black Atlantic Writing
  • Edinburgh Collage of Art: Renaissance Body
  • Edinburgh Collage of Art: Outsider Art History
  • Geography: Social and Cultural Geography
  • History: Atlantic Slavery
  • Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies and Sociology: Muslims in Europe 
  • Moray House School of Education: Critical Literacies
  • Politics and International Relations: Law, Violence, and Humanity
  • Sociology: Race and Ethnicity
  • Sociology: Social Theory
  • Sociology: Nations and Nationalism
  • Sociology: Contemporary Feminist Debates
  • Social Policy: Social Inequality and the Life Course
  • Social Anthropology: Culture and Power