RACE.ED is a cross-university network concerned with race, racialization and decolonial studies from a multidisciplinary perspective.

RACE.ED showcases excellence in teaching, research and knowledge, exchange, impact (KEI) in race and decolonial studies at The University of Edinburgh.

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The territorial realization of the Israeli state produced a new category of stateless people: Palestinian refugees. Those expelled from their homes, villages and land during the onset of the Nakba (catastrophe): a large scale ethnic cleansing process executed in 1947-48 Palestine, has resulted in the creation of one of the largest and longest standing protracted refugee communities world-wide today.

Sheku Bayoh died shortly after he was arrested by up to nine police officers in the early hours of 3 May 2015 on a quiet street in Kirkcaldy, a small town on the east coast of Scotland. Sheku’s mother had encouraged him to move to Scotland to be near his sister because she thought a young black man would be safer in Scotland than in London.

Last September, the University of Edinburgh found itself at the centre of international scrutiny after temporarily renaming the David Hume Tower (now referred to by its street designation 40 George Square).

This moth's newsletter covers our new podcast, a collection of blogs, event listings, call for papers and congratulations to RACE.ED members.

The recent Black Lives Matters (BLM) protests offer a juncture for Britain to have a broad and sensible conversation on race and racism, similar to that headed by the Clinton administration in America 20 years ago. The recent re-appearance of the debate on terminology – the question of how to refer to racialised groups in Britain – may be the beginning of this.

'There are no Asians in Asia, only people with national identities, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Vietnamese, and Filipino. But on this side of the Pacific, there are Asian Americans', wrote the historian Ronald Takaki.

2 events for #InternationalWomensDay upcoming! Panel on Feminist Classrooms @eusaactivities and @UoEStaffPride 's event on the Role of Women in HIV and LGBTQ+ activism Register here - https://edin.ac/3r6KF2b #queeractivism #womeninactivism @IASH_Edinburgh spread the word!

This month we showcase @EdinburghUni students, first is Negar Ebrahimi on racism and its violence, with Norman Rockwell's The Problem We All Live With as a starting point to think about a more ethical future. @eca_edinburgh Read >> https://edin.ac/2NUN3uh #antiracism #EndRacism

Congratulations @DKAYEMBE on your post as Rector - we stand in solidarity with you and are lucky to have you at @EdinburghUni. Also looking forward to introducing you to the amazing community of @MCFScholarsEd Scholars! https://twitter.com/EdinburghUni/status/1366362867331698689

The University of Edinburgh@EdinburghUni

We're thrilled to welcome Debora Kayembe @DKAYEMBE, who takes up her post as Rector of @EdinburghUni today! http://edin.ac/2O8i79K

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