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The world as we currently experience it, is beset with waves of crisis (Guilherme and Dietz, 2015: 1) all related to capitalist economics that have paved the way for stringent austerity and a growing sense of  ‘not knowing where the world is or could be going’.

The use of identity markers in sport has received considerable attention from scholars in a number of disciplines over a number of decades.

In the early 2010s, France repatriated a large number of Roma back to Romania, following a series of highly controversial reforms by Nicholas Sarkozy’s government (BBC, 2010).

After recently writing a blog on hegemonic whiteness in the higher education classroom, my CERES colleagues invited me to reflect further on ‘white backlash’, or ‘pushback’ particularly from those who would deem themselves pro-social justice.

Refugees like us

When I visited Angela Mesiti’s exhibition in Talbot Rice Gallery in December, 2021 for a potential collaboration, my immediate thoughts were how this exhibition could provide a platform to critically think about key questions on migration, and difference.

In majority white countries, the Black Lives Matter protests that unfolded after the murder of George Floyd were accompanied by the intensification of public debates on systemic racism and white allyship. Some media focused on Black-white couples, discussing the impact of these events on white partners’ understanding of anti-black racism in their Black partners’ lives.

What makes for a real #education? #Episode3 of #UncommonSense features #sociologist and anti-racist activist Remi Joseph-Salisbury @EthnicityUK @MCRSociology, who asks, so what’s #policing got to do with the classroom? #Tunein #Follow us and hear from Remi https://buff.ly/3mNOp82

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'The potential of children’s literature to confront issues of #injustice

By @juliemca of @UofGEducation
Cross-posted by @CERESED

@uoessps / #AntiRacism

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