RACE.ED is a cross-university network concerned with race, racialization and decolonial studies from a multidisciplinary perspective.

RACE.ED showcases excellence in teaching, research and knowledge, exchange, impact (KEI) in race and decolonial studies at The University of Edinburgh.

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A local and global platform to exchange critical thought around race and the making of worlds otherwise

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Cross-posted from Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power – Blog post by Amit Singh You might reasonably wonder what Muay Thai or Kickboxing has got to do with race …

There is currently revived interest across disciplines and educational institutions to ‘decolonise the curriculum’ (Arshad, 2020). There are many layers to this, from diversifying reading lists to unpacking racist underpinnings of key concepts, from deconstructing representations of history to hiring more Black and Minority Ethnic staff.

Microaggressions are often shrugged off by perpetrators because of a supposed lack of intent. But intent and impact are very different indeed, says rashné limki.

We are pleased to share this RACE.ED round-up newsletter with you. In another challenging year of distances, interpersonally from our friends and families, societally from the racial justice we seek, RACE.ED has continued to forge a network of community, of care and of intellectual vitality.

Arab Americans have been categorised as White on official government forms for several decades, which grossly misrepresents this population. Advocacy groups unsuccessfully fought during both the Obama and Trump administrations to have the ethnicity category expanded in the 2020 Census.

Place-based education has been embraced by some rural communities as a method of connecting students to their local surroundings in order to strengthen both the education of the student and the cultural needs of the community.

New on the blog: as we welcome 2022 and head into genderED's fourth year running, we're marking some highlights from 2021 and sharing what we have in store for this semester. Have a read 👉 https://www.gender.ed.ac.uk/reflecting-on-2021-and-looking-ahead/

This was an enjoyable podcast to do for @uniofedinburgh @NasarMeer Ep. 2 - Art, Race, and Black-Scottish History by Undersong - Race and Conversations Other-wise via #soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/raceedpodcast/episode-2-art-race-and-black-scottish-history-with-lisa-williams-and-wezi-mhura?utm_source=Twitter&utm_campaign=social_sharing&utm_medium=widget&utm_content=https%3A//soundcloud.com/raceedpodcast/episode-2-art-race-and-black-scottish-history-with-lisa-williams-and-wezi-mhura

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Race vs. The Human, with Dr Deanne Bell
Wednesday 9 February, 2pm

Join this @UoEREN and RACE.ED seminar examining the self and the body in relation to coloniality and the decolonial world.

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